HyperX Cloud Core Review – The Best Gaming Headphones?

The Brand HyperX don’t need a different introduction. If you are a gamer, you know it. Possibly if you have followed me know it regularly. We have seen HyperX Cloud Drone Review, HyperX Furry DDR4 RAM, HyperX DDR3 Ram. So you got it they do things what gamers need the most. The HyperX Cloud Core are on the higher side but offers excellent value for money. The gaming headset is mainly optimised for perfect lows and not for ups and Bass. So It just becomes abnormal to view your standard content without the proper mid’s and high’s. This was all my conception and things until HyperX Sent me out its cloud core.

Best Gaming Headphones

The main role for an over the ear, Gaming headphones is the comfort for a longer duration. So starting from the Ear cups which are 53mm Neodymium Drivers which are large enough for to fit the most ears. Over the drivers, there’s sponge those are surrounded with good quality cushion called Memory Form Leatherette Ear Pads. The cushion makes a perfect noise cancelling when you put it on. Also, those are perfect resistant for the sound leak. The Earcups have the close shape so the sound is set to perfect ears. Middle Inner construction is of Metal which makes it the best quality headphones. The middle headband which rests on the head at the top side has stitched HyperX Logo which gives a completely different look. The headband also has Soft Leatherette Pads which makes the comfort for the longer duration more perfect. The left earcup has a detachable mic of 3.5mm. The Mic has a really good sound quality which I will talk in a bit. Overall to the comfort, build and ergonomics I will give it total 8.5/10 this is totally beyond perfect for a longer duration gaming.

These headphones approx cost around 5,000rs on various E-Commerce. The price could be even less than that. The only down point I thought they should include a travel pouch as Gamers do carry there headphones from place to place for leagues or tournament. The brand pouch do reflect the crowd and help in safe inside backpack.

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